The Business of Creatives: Class Recommendations

“But I am an ar-tist!”  *said in the most uppity voice possible*

Well sister, you may be an artist, but if you want to be successful, I’m learning that you have to be a business-minded person as well.  I wanted to compile a few classes for you that have been so interesting to me as I start to learn the business side of being creative.

Of course the classes are on Skillshare because I’m obsessed, but if you use my link, you can get 2 months free!  It is COMPLETELY worth it.  Yes, I felt it necessary to use all caps.  I’m only slightly yelling at you in a friendly way.

First up: 

Watch Me Work: Real Client Projects by Dylan Mierzwinski

Watch Me Work

In this class, Dylan goes over three different real-life projects that she was commissioned to do.  The class is long, but full of valuable information regarding client correspondence, pricing your work, and the nitty gritty of completing a commission.


Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer by Peggy Dean

Pricing Your Work

Peggy Dean discusses how to appropriately price your work so you don’t undervalue yourself.  As a beginner in this world of freelance work, I had no idea where to start on pricing my work.  Do I charge by the hour?  By the project?  I’m new at this.  Am I charging someone to much?  Am I worth it?  All those questions answered.


Sending Work to the Printer by Dylan Mierzwinski

Sending Work to the Printer

Yep, another class by Dylan M.  Really guys, she is incredibly thorough and doesn’t hide anything from you, which is why I love her classes.  This one is a little dry, but so important when you are trying to figure out how to print your work.  Thankfully, Dylan’s voice is pleasant, so I didn’t mind listening to her talk for an hour and a half at all!  Instead of just printing trial-by-error style, watch her class, and be happy with your printed work.


Skillshare offers a ton of different classes about the business of creatives, but these three are among my favorites.  Remember, use my link to get 2 months free!

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