Unique Gifts for your Foodie Friends

We all have those people in our lives.  Those people who have more than a casual interest in food.  People whose ideal date is going to a different restaurant and ordering something they’ve never tried before and rave about it for hours after.  People who don’t know how to bring a normal casserole to a pot luck dinner and make something with quinoa instead.  My husband and I are those people for our friends.  We love to cook, eat, and talk about food.  Possibly to the great boredom of everyone around us, but hey…that’s why we married each other.

For our wedding, a dear friend of mine gave us the most interesting gift we received from anyone.  She adopted an olive tree in Italy for us!  You’re probably thinking ok…what do you do with an adopted olive tree?  Nothing except sit back and wait for the fresh olive oil that is shipped to your door!  Our olive oil from our little olive tree made it the house today, and I am beyond excited to use it!  This gift has inspired me to share with you a few unique gift ideas for the foodies in your life.

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Nudo Adopt : Gift adopt an olive tree or a tea garden and allow your friends to reap the benefits of the harvest while supporting local artisanal producers.

Kitchen Box

A Kitchen Box : The monthly subscription for the curious cook.  Each box comes with unique recipes and ingredients plus a matching playlist!

SF Cooking School

A Cooking Class : Check in with local grocers for amazing classes or give them a more professional experience with someone like the San Francisco Cooking School.

Classic Cookbooks

Juniper Books’ Classic Cookbook Set (or for the more adventurous cooks, make your own set from Juniper’s list) : I love all the cookbook set options Juniper Books offers.  They have everything from a classic set to a make your own set.  They even have the Goop Cookbook Set for the couple to join in on GP’s cookbook club.  Ok that last one is more for me than my husband but hey, he still gets good food…

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