Hi!  I’m Josie: former teacher, current counselor, and someone who fell in love with illustration and pattern design.

My whole life I have been one of those people with too many hobbies.  I like to try everything.  My career as a Family & Consumer Science teacher really fit this particular characteristic of mine.  I was able to teach both fashion design and culinary arts to high school students, which was awesome.  Working with students led me to want to become a counselor, which I have done.  I’m definitely a textbook INFJ, guys!

When I moved away from Texas with my husband, my world was a little rocked.  It took a while to find a job, and I became SUPER antsy sitting around at home.  I have a major need to make things and remain busy, so I started learning about Illustrator and pattern design through Skillshare.  I LOVED IT!!!  Fast forward a few years, and I am working as an educator again, but I have gained this amazing world of art and design that I will never let go.

This is how Hey Miss Designs popped into my head.  I wanted to create a brand that spoke to who I am as a person. Of course, my students and my work as an educator came to mind.  If you work/have worked in a school, you probably understand being addressed as “Hey Miss” on more than one occasion.  This phrase has become special to me.  My students don’t say it out of disrespect; they say it when they need me.  So there you have it… Hey Miss Designs is a combination of my love of education and my love of illustration and design.